Confronting the big global changes, New Wide Group persists in its commitment to innovation and sustainability. Not just recycled materials, we are also dedicated to developing and producing post-consumer recycled and bio-degradable materials.
We design fabrics with the newly developed special yarns and trends to create diverse outlooks on the mono-material. Let more of the produced clothing be recycled and remade.
*100% Degradable:
Advancing our bio-degradable collection across all kinds of hand feel and functionality to pair with different apparel designs. Regardless of current technology restrictions, we put efforts into building upon better appearance, tactile, and functionality.

In intelligent manufacturing, big data analytics is used in design and manufacturing; moreover, New Wide collaborates with leading suppliers in the world to achieve high-tech performance and sustainable fabrics. New Wide’s IDCC( Intelligent manufacturing Data Control Center) in China and Vietnam presents highly efficient and sustainable manufacturing.