LIGHTEMIS® Elastic Reflective Yarn.
Main: thermoplastic polyurethane, glass beads, aluminum, pigment
Cover: Nylon6 filament, PET filament
1. 0.37mm width, 0.23mm thickness
2. 0.34mm width, 0.19mm thickness
1. One fold yarn、mono filament

LIGHTEMIS®, the product name of the reflective yarn manufactured by Light Textile Inc., is derived from an original combination of the English word “Light” and “Artemis”, the moon goddess in Greek mythology. Artemis, as a luminous and lustrous image of goddess giving off moonlight and lighting up the dark night sky, is symbolic of brightness originating from Mother Nature and protecting life itself from the harmful or even potentially lethal effect of darkness. In this introduction, it is this symbolic meaning that we use to convey our eagerness and aspiration to shield all living creatures from being hurt in the darkness and promise a much safer and more secure living environment.