TITAS Virtual


Statement on Personal Data Collection for TTF Vendor Database

1. In order to provide timely information for trade promotion as well as latest information on Internet marketing, the Taiwan Textile Federation (hereby called the Federation) must obtain your personal data. The Federation shall collect, process, and utilize your personal data in compliance with the relevant laws regarding personal information.

2. The personal data collected by the Federation, including your name, telephone numbers, E-mail address, company name, uniform invoice number, and other data that may directly or indirectly identify your personal data, shall be compiled into the TTF database and to be managed carefully by the Federation.

3. Under Clause 3 of Personal Data Protection Law, you may: (1) access or request to obtain the data, (2) request for duplication of personal data, (3) request to amend or correct the data, (4) request to stop collecting, processing or using the data, and (5) request to delete the data.

4. You may freely choose to or not to provide your personal data to the Federation. In the event you select not to provide such information, the Federation will not be able to provide the abovementioned services.