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TITAS 2021 Exhibitor introduction -HONMYUE
Honmyue, To Provide Fabrics that Hold the World Together.
Honmyue is the biggest woven fabric manufacturers in Taiwan, we have fifty years’ experience in functional and high value-added product. Being a leader in industry means that we fulfill our social responsibility and commitment to sustainable textiles.
In 2021 TITAS, Honmyue will present in the following products:
  • NüCycle™ Polyester Cotton-Like Fabric
Using recycled polyester yarn and cotton-like yarn to create a two-tone effect and cottony hand feels, which provides customers more options for eco-friendly products.
  • Two-Tone Lightweight and High Strength Fabric
We use black and white high strength yarns without dyeing treatment to launch an innovative series-Raw Titanium, which is named from the characteristics of titanium: lightweight, high strength, and metallic luster.
To comply with the post-pandemic era, we launch LIFE-TECH PROTECTOR with AAMI PB70 Level 2~3 protection level, a single-layer high-density fabric that will block the droplets and lower the risk of the time the virus stays and has excellent water repellence and air permeability.
  • Anti-static Medical Textile
As a medical equipment GMP certified factory, we launched high-density anti-static fabric for isolation gowns and surgical gowns, which can effectively improve barrier properties and reduce interference from electronic medical equipment, lightweight, and durability.
  • HONYI™ Solution Dyed Outdoor Furnishing Fabric
The HONYI™ Fine Lounge Plus, which is woven with two-color solution-dyed yarn, is not only colorful, high colorfastness and abrasion resistance, combined with nano water repellent technology, it is the most competitive outdoor furnishing fabric.
  • HONYI™ Eco-Friendly PE Mesh Fabric
Recycling and re-manufacturing of plastic bottle caps into PE raw materials, HONYI™ PE mesh fabric uses 25% high-density polyethylene (HDPE), we keep pushing on sustainable development.
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