TITAS 2020 Exhibitor introduction - GrandeTex
GrandeTex offer functional fabric for worker-wear, athleisure, outdoor, indoor products. Aim in developing more ECO friendly material for earth protection.
"Rich-y" is GrandeTex’ patent for ECO innovation, which from raw material instead of chemical treatment. Permanent function of anti-bacteria, anti-odor, anti-UV, wicking, cooling keeps daily wearing maintain fresh.  Suits for active wear and underwear range. We’re a member of BlueSign and Oeko-Tex and always cooperate with qualified factories to ensure fabrics are up with standard.  With our commitment to a sustainable future, we also obtain GRS certification on Sep.2020.

GrandeTex's RICH-y® yarn is a successful and widely received as its anti-bacterial, odor proof, and anti-UV qualities are embedded during the production process instead of using additives, therefore more long lasting and would not create further pollution. Now GrandeTex offers another alternative - RICH-y+(Solution Dyed) , These yarns are based on Rich-y functions, GrandeTEX's innovative product solution dye in 2020 is an environmentally friendly technology in the dyeing process –as it produces under very low energy consumption, less water consumption and low carton dioxide emission.  It’s less water waste and NO chemicals in use perfect for outdoor brands that seek for eco-friendly and functional products.