TITAS 2020 Exhibitor introduction - Enhou
Enhou Polymer Chemical Industrial Co., LTD – the Establishment and Its Professional Development
Enhou Polymer Chemical Industrial. Co., LTD. was established in 1988. It has professional manufacturing and developmental experiences in precision chemicals. Its service has extended to diversified industries, such as textile, dyeing, PU/TPU synthesis, fiberglass, information technology, surface coating, construction, agricultural, metalworking, food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical chemical products, etc.

Its main products include textile sizing agent (water-based acrylic resins), spin finishing oil, esters products as well as EO/PO copolymers and EO, PO derivative surfactants, etc. Products are widely used in various industries.
Enhou not only provides world-class and high-quality specialty chemical products, but also has a professional R&D team with lots of practical experience. We could assist customers in solving their problems related to chemical products. Also, we can provide customized design for customers’ demand and needs.

Enhou Polymer Chemical is initially founded in Taiwan for over 30 years with rich experiences in Taiwan market, it had become a long-term cooperative partner with many international enterprises such as the ones in Asia, Australia, Europe, America countries. It has continuously developed the potential markets all around the world.