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TITAS 2021 Exhibitor introduction -YUANG-HSIAN
FIBER FOR THE FURTURE ,When ``technology, health, medical care, and fashion'' can be combined with environmental protection,
Yuang Hsian Metal ( YHM ) has more than 70 years of copper alloy metallurgical technology, providing copper alloy precision wires required by domestic and foreign mechanical processing and electronic and connecter industries. It has been committed to industrial upgrading for five years.  Aiming at the combination of antibacterial and mildew proof metal fiber and yarn Do development.

AB65 (Aqua Bronze 6 elements 5 metal) copper alloy fiber originated from the Marine, the wire diameter exceeds 20 D( denier ), in addition to the copper itself conductive, antibacterial, anti-mildew function, but also has corrosion resistance, high toughness, flexibility, fiber through twist Combination of yarn or yarn covering technology, yarns are used to provide textiles in functional fabrics and other products. The fiber can be directly washed with water, and the antibacterial and anti-mildew effects still exist for a long time. It is suitable for functional fabrics in textiles such as health and medical care. Use, can reduce the skin allergies and cell changes caused by chemical (organic or inorganic) antibacterial agents, and indirectly reduce the burden on the human body or the environment.

In 2021, it passed a number of rigorous inspections and tests by the Japan Fiber Evaluation Technology Association (SEK), and obtained the ``General Mark'' and ``Red Mark'' authorization to meet the basic requirements of human friendliness.

YHM adheres to the corporate philosophy of "Environmentally Friendly and Sustainable Environment". "Technology, Health, Medical care and Fashion" can be combined with environmental protection.  20 D metal fiber yarn successfully overcomes the bottleneck of metal wire in textiles, and the fabric feels It is more soft like wool and more comfortable to wear. The application of AB65 copper alloy fiber technology in textiles is expected to promote Taiwan's leading position in the global high-end textile and functional fabric fiber technology.