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TITAS 2021 Exhibitor introduction -Far Eastern
Far Eastern New Century, a global leader in sustainability, textile innovation and design, presents you brand new materials and product solutions this year at TITAS Virtual.

FENC® Knitting and Dyeing SBU integrated multiple resources and environmentally friendly products from FENC® vertical chain, developing high performance functional and sustainable fabrics for international brands. Not only satisfy the everyday wear of end consumers, FENC® also had been a major supplier at global sporting events including European Football and Tokyo Olympics.

FENC® TOPGREEN® rTEX Spun Yarn, transforms the textile wastes from the factory floors into a sustainable 100% recycled pre-consumer polyester and 100% recycled pre-consumer cotton yarns without any chemical treatment.

FENC® TOPGREEN® Bio3 PET utilizes LanzaTech cutting-edge bio technology that transforms industrial waste gas into low carbon MEG, which then turn into brand new polyester. Capturing and reusing carbon emission, FENC® TOPGREEN® Bio3 PET Filament and Textiles reduce carbon footprint and cut down on global community pollution.

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