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TITAS 2021 Exhibitor introduction -Hua Mao
Hua Mao Nano-Tech Co., Ltd.
High-Tech, Recycle, and Green-Sources, lead new textile age
Hua Mao Nano-tech is focused on manufacturing and developing chemical fiber contained with functional materials and is also a great reputed supplier in the cross-strait. Hua Mao cooperated with chemical fiber plants to produce functional yarns, and it has developed some long-run selling fiber, such as far-infrared ray fiber, omnidirectional fiber, nano-germanium fiber, cooling yarn, and heating yarn, etc. to create new business opportunities for the textile industry.

Forward to the next generation of new textile materials, Hua Mao Nano-tech propose "High-Tech, Recycle, and Green-Sources" as the next stage of functional yarn indicators. In addition to the recently launched graphene yarn which is a well selling item in the cross-strait markets, we are also actively developing bio-type antibacterial yarn that is suitable for all kinds of textiles. High-tech heat insulation yarn strengthens the effect of blocking near-infrared light, and functional environmentally friendly recycled yarns fit with the global trend. There is also plum seed carbon yarn that is recycled from agricultural waste for environmental protection, creating new uses for recycled materials.

Hua Mao Nano-Tech has gradually combined the recycling of organic materials with inorganic materials and has continuously introducing healthy, environmental friendly, and nano-material functional optimization technology, hoping to provide fiber and textile brand manufacturers with innovative textile materials that can better satisfy to customer needs.