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TITAS 2018 Exhibitor introduction - KINGWHALE
A Perfect Combination of Nature and Technology

Since 1992, Kingwhale Industries has been working to set up a comprehensive and complete production process from yarn texturizing, knitting, dyeing to  finished garment backed up by advanced technology and state of the art machinery. Without the hard work, there is simply no way to deliver the kind of innovation and quality the world’s leading textile customers demand.

Our core offering centers around circular knitted functional textiles, including proven performers like sweater fleece and techno stretch. However, environment is always on our mind. Our research and development are now emphasized on innovation and refining manufacturing practice that requires less resource from our mother nature. The concept of L.I.T.® (Low Impact Technology) goes beyond recycling to explore and implement textile science. It is a revolution of material and technology. By modifying molecular structure of polyester fibers, yarns are able to accept dye more readily, consuming less electricity, thermal energy and water. This eco-friendly process allows us to create performance fabrics, yet reduces the negative impact on our environment.

Our philosophy is simple—apply the highest standards of durability, flexibility, multi-functionality, and execute seamlessly from design to delivery. This guiding principle maximizes business value and competitiveness in every strand.

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