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TITAS 2018 Exhibitor introduction - JAKBRILLO

Exhibiting Redefined Denims for a smart and stylish future

Established in 1960, Jakbrillo group is an esteemed textile house in India. Starting with a business in manufacturing of high quality conventional textiles, the group has now turned into and innovation driven house with expanded focus on sustainable and smart developments. The company follows ethical practices and customer centric approach, it gives highest level of personalization as and how desired by buyers and that is point of difference between Jakbrillo and rest!


In TITAS 2018, the company is launching its new brand ‘ZRILA®’ that hosts premium denims of high quality with special functionality. These denims are given novel designer concepts using a revolutionary and sustainable laser technology and processes. The jeans made in this brand have special effect like Mosquito Repellent jeans, Anti-Bacterial denim, Gold and Copper finish, Leather finish jeans, etc. In a higher premium segment, ecofriendly approach is taken to make denims with the finest handloom-woven organic selvedge denims. Jeans made with such denims have multiple health benefits to the wearers.

Besides, Jakbrillo Company also manufactures a world-patented nanotechnology for adding special value added finishes to textiles like mosquito-repellency, anti-bacterial effect, bed bug repellent effect and many more which are used to make special textiles for apparel as well as home décor and furnishing. 

For more information, please visit the Booth L-116.