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TITAS 2018 參展廠商介紹 - 展邑科技
涼感新視野 Cool Feeling New Horizon !


Zhanyi Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of functional powder, master batch, fiber, yarn and fabric. In recent years, it has expanded into the fields of end product design and development, brand marketing and promotion, through common labeling, patent sharing and the strength of brand cooperation, combined with the Industry-university-research cooperation development mechanism, shortening the research and development process and bringing the results into the market. Zhanyi Technology Co., Ltd. has become a MIT enterprise with rapid response and close to the international market.


In recent years, the development direction is focused on green environmental protection, energy saving and carbon dioxide reduction. In line with the world trend, the goal of upcycling high value, composite function and versatility and multi-tone design concept is to use a small amount of diversification, differentiation and extensive strategy in 2018. The key products have been developed as follows:

Ecowindry® and Ecowincool® Recycled PET & Nylon Filament Yarn


Responsive to the earth's environmental protection, green, and carbon reduction, using upcycling technology combined with cool, moisture transfer, heat insulation, antibacterial, odor absorption, UV resistance and other functions. Apply recycling regeneration, diversification, multi-functional and multi-tone elements to composite yarns and fabrics design. According to different end applications, the composite yarns can be designed as home textiles, clothing, bags, packet, pads, shoes, etc..

WINCOOL® Nylon Cooling Filament Yarn

WINCOOL 纖維製品添加具有吸熱慢與散熱快之專利複合礦石粉體而賦予涼感與抗UV功能,使穿著者有如置身於大自然冷泉中之清涼舒適感。

The wincool fiber product adds a patented composite mineral powders with slow heat absorption and fast heat dissipation to impart a cool feeling and anti-UV functions. Therefore, the wearer feels like a cool and comfortable feeling in the natural cold spa.

WINDRY® PET Quick dry Filament Yarn


The WINDRY fiber product is compounded with compound mineral powders, which has the characteristics of cool, moisture absorption, quick drying and anti-UV functions. It will make you feel refreshed and not sticky after sweating in the hot summer season.

Winwarm® Heat Retention Filament Yarn


A fiber made from a variety of sub-micron composite mineral stone that absorbs and converts sunlight into the heat needed by the body. It can penetrate deep into the skin and resonate with far-infrared rays in the human body to improve blood circulation, energy, and has health care functions.

allwin® Beauty Moisture Fiber


Allwin collagen skin fiber has silky luster and soft, smooth, moisture-absorbing and breathable characteristics to meet consumers' pursuit of natural, moisturizing, comfortable and skin whitening.

EZCOOL®  All NEW Cooling Filament Yarn 2018 COMING SOON !!!  
新材料配方與奈米化技術,體現全新清、透、涼感,挑戰高CP值之涼感纖維品牌 !

The novelty material formula and nano-technology show a cooling fiber brand new clear, transparent and cool feeling. Furthermore, challenge the higher CP value of the cool yarn brand!